Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Basic Info on what I intend to do.

Here is the info I sent out in my one and only email. I have decided to use this Blog to let everyone keep track of who I meet, what I intend to do and to post up some photos of the various elements of the project as I complete them.


The next steps are to (a) have a wander round the area with Tommy Morrow and (b) to meet with others to introduce myself, it was suggested that I could do this at a meeting of a focus group.

The photographs are to show ordinary life and it is not intended to do posed photographs however there may be times when my photographs may be of help to various organisations and I will of course make them available free of charge.

I also intend to record my conversations (with permission) to use these as a soundtrack for a possible multimedia exhibition.

It is my intention to photograph the community as a complete project, I mean by that I do not regard it as just a small part of "The Northern Family" project. I hope over time you will fully appreciate how serious I am about doing this to the very best of my abilities.

The project will cover the next 6- 8 months and I will be photographing as time is available.

The target of the project is to create a photographic exhibition and if possible a book and multimedia movie. The images may also appear in the newspapers and on the web to promote the exhibition and "The Northern Family" project. I get no money for any of this but I live in hope that eventually my project will be recognised as worthy of support. All expenses come straight out of my pocket. I will be trying to raise money from various sources for the ongoing expenses and the final exhibition, if you can pass my name on to anyone (or introduce me) who might help me I would be very grateful.

Here is a photo from the Junior Orange Lodge parade in Carrickfergus 2006. This will be in another part of the project which will feature street parades, music and festivals in Northern Ireland.


What to photograph?

People and more people. That is what a community is.


Each of the following could become a separate part in the overall project.

1. People who are the leaders of the various groups (social, sport, hobby etc.) in their club etc. Unposed.

2. People who are representative of the community. Old - young, male-female, Black- white. etc.

3. General photos of everyone going about their life in the area.

4. Events eg the area festival over the Twelfth, Christmas etc.

5. People in various clubs/groups including those at work in the area and people visited by helpers eg pensioners etc.

6. POSED group photos. I know I don't want to have posed photos but I reckon that in 10, 20, or 30 years if you (as a community) had a photograph of every group in the community it would be very valuable and would be a great memory jerker for those who like me are that bit older. So if you want me to do this please say so.

7. A STREET. I mentioned this when I was in. The idea is to start at one end of a street (or several) and photograph each house with the people standing/sitting outside. I could then link all the photos together in the computer to create one very very long photograph. I could also do this for a row of shops.

My BIG Idea. What about turning your streets into Belfast's biggest photographic gallery. Put the photographs everywhere (some could be 12' x8') and have an exhibition with a catalogue inviting everyone in Belfast to come and meet you. Photographs on gable walls, portraits in the windows of houses (same size as the window), photos in shops, photos on fences etc etc.

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