Monday, 16 July 2007

The IIth Festival on Donegall Road.

I arrived at the Empire at 11 said hello and found out where the various events were taking place and then had a wander round looking at the various bonfire sites and photographing them before they were lit.


Bob Stoker gave me contact details for 2 of the lodges and a time to meet up with them the next morning at 7.45am as they set out for Sandy Row.

The bouncy castles and assault courses, the balloon man and the face painters had arrived on the Donegall Road. The DJ was set up and music was blasting out. The barbecue was being set up. I took photos of all the activity and spoke to a lot of people who were interested in when they could see the photos (first showing will be at "The Women's Centre" in September.

There was a display of Highland dancing followed by Bingo in the Empire and a Tea dance . I got some great photos of all the action plus a burger and drink from the barbecue and offers of lots of cups of tea.

The Whitburn Flute band arrived and did a quick few tunes down the Donegall road.

At about 6 I headed off to return at about 9 to photograph the bonfires. I met and photographed the people around the sites and waited for the bonfire at Roden Street to be lit.


Then I went round to the Ladybird site and as the fire started dying down I left.


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