Friday, 6 July 2007

Posters and Meetings

I dropped off a copy of a small A4 poster about the photography in the Village at the Women's Centre. I met Hazel and she will try to get a list put together, after the July fortnight, of various groups who use the centre (and any others she knows of).

I also dropped off the poster to Tommy at GVRT and they are going to get them put up in suitable places for me and if possible enlarge them to A3 size. I also emailed a copy of the poster to GVRT.

Bob Stoker is going to get me details on the various orange lodges in the area so that I can try to get photos of each lodge on the twelfth (or at a later date) as the prepare for the big twelfth parade in Belfast.

I spoke to Tommy Wilson and I will be seeing him on next Monday afternoon.

Margaret has suggested I go to a meeting of the Village Focus Group on Monday night at 7 and gave me the number of Noreen White who is a member of the group and who could tell me more about the arrangements for the 11th and 14th festivals.

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